iOS 6 Wifi Problems

Today I updated to iOS 6.0.2 and Wifi connectivity is still broken. Being a software engineer myself I know how useful it is to have a 100% repro for a bug. This usually makes fixing an issue a lot simpler. So please share/blog/tweet this post so that maybe it’ll bubble up to Apple’s iOS team.

Simple repro steps to lose connectivity:

  • Used hardware:
    • iPhone 5 (32 GB) running iOS 6.0.2
    • Fritz Box 7140 router (WPA2 encryption, 802.11g)
    • Router by ADB Broadband (Model no. PRG AV 4202N VDSL) provided by our provider (WPA encryption, 802.11ng)
  • Step 1: iPhone network settings have been reset. So it’s a clean setup.
  • Step 2: Connect to the Fritz Box. Wifi will work fine.
  • Step 3: Connect to the ADB router. Wifi will work fine.
  • Step 4: Wifi with Fritz Box is broken until I reset network settings again. Icon still shows full connectivity, but I can’t receive any data.

I had this issue also with different combinations of routers. Usually after I’ve connected to multiple routers, my Wifi connectivity at home with the Fritz Box will be broken.

Since iOS has now been updated twice with “fixes to Wifi” in the change log I can’t believe that this still persists.

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