Headphone Jack please go back

After using an iPhone 5  for 4 months there’s one thing I just can’t get used to: the bottom headphone jack. This picture explains why.

With my old iPhone I often only pulled it partially out of my pocket/case to

  • check time/date, reception, battery or song title by clicking the top switch
  • change volume
  • mute ring tone

Guess what, all those controls and UI items are at the top. On the iPhone 5, with headphones plugged in, that’s not possible anymore. You have to pull out the entire phone to do any of the mentioned tasks. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy the new iPhone, but this feels like a usability flaw to me.

Dear Mr. Ive, please either move the headphone jack back to the top, or move all that stuff to the bottom.

Comment if you think I’m right, or object if you think that I’m a lunatic for wanting it back on top.

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  • Guest

    You’re a lunatic.

  • Realist

    How about you buy the phone you want instead of being a hipster with the latest tech and then complaining about it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mythmon Mike Cooper

    That’s weird. My old phone (Nexus s) had it on the bottom (next to the charge port). My new phone (Nexus 4) has headphone on the top, power on the bottom, and it drives me nuts. If I ever plug both power and audio in at the same time i feel like i have an uncooperative octopus of cables, instead of the easily manageable double cable I used to.

    • GottfriedChen

      I agree, from a cable management point of view it looks nicer when charging and listening at the same time. For me it’s mainly a usability thing, when I’m on the go.