A Day in the Life

I’ve often mentioned in my posts, that I try to use 3rd party libraries for a lot of things if I find anything suitable.

Current external libs/code I’m using in Pocket Nature are Ogre Precedural for procedural geometry like spheres and boxes, Spark for particles, an IAPHelper class for handling in app purchases, a Reachability class for network status, a PVRLoader, an EAGLView wrapper and a ModelOBJ class for loading/converting wavefront obj files.

Many of those would take maybe only a day or two to implement and would then integrate nicer into my codebase. E.g. as a result of using those libs I’ve got 3-4 Vector3 classes/structs currently in my code (one is my own, one from Spark, one from Ogre, one from ModelOBJ).

So why do I do that and not invest the time to nicely implement those things on my own? To explain the intricate technical design decisions behind that approach I’ll describe my typical development day.

6h30: Alarm goes off. Grumpily walk downstairs and help my wife Heidrun getting Florian and Matthias ready for school. Ask them if they got everything packed for school, make breakfast and lunch boxes. Tell Matthias to hurry up and stop playing Lego, he’s already LATE. Make sure that our baby girl Sandra doesn’t fall off the stairs, now that she has discovered stair crawling. Brush kids’ teeth and send them off.

7h30: In a ten minute rhythm remind Sebastian that it’s now his time to go to nursery. Due to severe short term memory loss he seems to forget it after 10 seconds though. Ready next lunchbox, wait until he’s finished with his toys and Spiderman book, has finally changed clothes and brush his teeth. Then walk him to nursery.

9h: Start coding until 12h. Heidrun looks after Sandra.

12h: Florian is back. Listen to what he’s got to say about school which usually is: “Same as always.” Then cook lunch for my family (make sure to meticulously separate any trace of vegetables from the rest of the food on kids’ plates)

12h45: Go pick up Sebastian from nursery.

13h10: Family lunch with the usual chaos. Sandra doing food catapults, Sebastian needs reminding that he is currently supposed to eat, etc.

13h30: Coffee, then some coding until 14h30 (only interrupted by a request to help Sebastian steer some giant robot suit in Skylander Giants)

14h30: Matthias is back from school … “Same as always”. Then ready swimming gear for Sebastian, Matthias and me.

14h45: Off to Sebastian’s swimming course. Play around with Matthias in the pool while his brother learns swimming.

17h30: Back from swimming, cook dinner.

18h00: Dinner time, business as usual

19h00: Drive into town to pick up Florian and his friends from the boy scouts (I take turns with the other parents).

19h30: Second dinner with Florian.

20h00: Tie Sandra into her baby sling and carry her around until she falls asleep.

21h00: Boys are in bed. Heidrun and I spend the evening together watching some DVD.

22h00: Exhausted, go to bed.

Total dev time: about 4 hours. See, if there were some point and click interfaces for doing games with results that are up to my standards, man I’d totally use them . I simply can’t afford to spend too much time on designing nice code. I just have to get things done in the little dev time that I have.

Ok, I admit. That was a Monday which usually is the busiest day of the week 🙂

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  • http://twitter.com/happionlabs Jamie Fristrom

    Sounds a lot like my day.