Convert black and white to two colors in Photoshop

Today a quick tip how to convert a black and white picture to a two color picture in Photoshop.

(That’s the image of a moth by the way.) For my current project I’ve got a couple of black and white pictures that I am using. To make the images more interesting I wanted to colorize them with two colors. White in this example gets mapped to yellow, and black to a dark red.

After some experimenting I achieved the result using a layer filled with yellow on top of the image using either blend modes “Darken” or “Multiply” and then a a layer filled with dark red on top of that using blend mode “Screen” or “Color Dodge”. You can experiment with the blend modes and opacity settings to achieve different results.

(By the way, the built in Duotone image format did not deliver the expected results.)

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  • Tamás Zahola

    Have you tried image/adjust/gradient map?