The motivation behind TriviaStack

Why did I make TriviaStack and why did it end up as it is?

Since Pocket Nature was commercially far from successful I wanted to make a game that’s more focused and has a broader target audience. (Pink unicorns and duck matching paired with relaxing water didn’t have as broad an appeal as I thought).

My wife Heidrun doesn’t play any games apart from the odd round of solitaire so I asked her what genres she’d consider playing. Trivia games were among the top of her list.

A quick research on the App Store revealed that all current top trivia games are full of ads and use in app purchases for monetization. Usually charging for some kind of currency the user can then convert into hints, a concept that I personally don’t like although it might be financially sound. Also the current trend on the App Store seems to be “4 somethings one answer” trivia games leaving room for a classical quiz.

So I thought that there might be a market for a trivia game with simple but slick design and no player nagging except for the unlock from free to full version. I also wanted to make a game that has replay value and motivation for hardcore gamers. TriviaStack’s scoring system tries to achieve that. You can go through the questions slowly if you are a casual player or fast to get the highest score. The game will inform you on each start if your rank in the global leaderboard has changed to keep you motivated.

Adding player challenges was also designed to fuel competition between players. On top of that there are achievements ranking from easy to insanely hard.

My second goal was having questions that are not standard Trivial Pursuit style knowledge checks. I tried to come up with many questions that either teach players interesting facts or require out of the box thinking. I also incorporated many audio questions like guessing a sport from an audio sample to give the game more variety.

By Heidrun’s suggestion I’ve also incorporated an info mode, where you get background information about some of the answers (or did you know, that there actually is an immortal Jellyfish species?)

As a bonus I added local multiplayer on one device, if you are on a train ride for example. All in all I am very satisfied with how TriviaStack has turned out. Now let’s hope that users will think the same way. Currently the game is submitted and I am waiting for a review.

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